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Health Maintenance Kits

Infants and Children

We are able to supply a homoeopathic programme kit to assist in maintaining the health of your children.
This is a six year programme which boosts the immune response during times of exposure to common childhood diseases and the most common childhood life-style health problems.

Health Protection for Travellers

We can supply a programme of homoeopathic pillules to support your immune system during long air flights and travel in any country you may wish to visit. The programme is provided in a very small carton (31mm square x 90mm high) which contains 8 or 9 different products sufficient for up to six or more persons.

The programme is individualised according to your intended place of travel, the parts of the country you will visit and the length of time you will stay in each area.

Contact us for more information for your specific needs.

Home First Aid Kit and Handy First Aid Kit

After twenty years of supplying homoeopathic remedies to families we have a good knowledge of the type of products that are useful to have as a first aid kit in your home.

We can provide you with easy to use products which will help with the day to day needs of families.