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This is not a secure web site and we strongly recommend that you do not email your credit card details when purchasing.

On request I will supply details of how you can safely provide me with your card number and expiry date.


The most efficient method of obtaining information on the availability of any homoeopathic product is to email me.  ron@endohealth.co.nz


We seek to supply products at the best possible price.
Contact us for details.


The Medicines Act 1981 requires that a consultation must precede the supplying of homoeopathic products direct to the user. This means that there must be an exchange of information between the supplier and the person requiring the homoeopathic treatment for themself or a person under their care. This consultation may be by being present in person, by telephone conversation or by exchange of emails.  We check our email regularly and our phone has voice mail facilities.

We can accept direct email orders from practitioners and customers who are known to us. All others must contact us before ordering.


We can accept credit card payment through Visa or Bankcard cards only. A surcharge may apply.
Ask for details of a method of safely sending your card details by email.

We accept payment by cheque but our preferred payment method is by electronic transfer of funds.  Details are provided on invoices which can be emailed.

Regretfully we must ask new customers for payment before products are mailed or couriered.

Endo Health Limited is situated near Hamilton.  Telephone 0 7 8563422   Email ron@endohealth.co.nz